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Provider-aware instructions

Step-by-step instructions match exactly what is shown in the user's DNS provider to make onboarding a breeze. Here's an example with Cloudflare:

Product-native experience

With a few lines of code, embed the instructions inside your product and style them to fit your design. Instructions are mobile friendly and accessible.

Check out the integration guide and theming options.

Minimal support burden

Instructions are written in plain English. Live feedback, assistive error messages, and hints for all common mistakes keep onboarding as self-service as possible.

Straightforward pricing

We charge $200 USD per month for each product using DNS instructions. Cancel anytime, comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Why DNS integrations?

Your customers want DNS-based integrations like custom domains for websites or email sending.

You also want your customers using these integrations. Customers often pay handsomely for these features. Customers that adopt these features tend to stick with the product for the long haul.

The conversion rate on these features is really low because of how difficult it is to onboard. The pain is felt by users, your dev team, and your support team.

Our instructions reduce support load by 60% and increase conversion by 25%, making these features viable for you to maintain and a pleasure to use.

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